New Development

Land Acquisition

Whether you plan to build a custom home or twenty homes, we have you covered. In addition to representing developments throughout Nashville's most in-demand areas, we also have access to land not yet on the market.

We take pride in our extensive network of developers, asset managers, investors, and wholesalers. Those long-standing and established relationships often translate into first access to premium land opportunities. We share that benefit with you, allowing you to identify and contract on land positions that fit your business strategy and your unique homebuilding strengths. Our reach extends to every hot spot in Nashville!

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales is our strength! We tirelessly promote your properties, combining our sales experience, marketing savvy, and strong background in new construction. Our goal is to shine light on your developments and position you for maximum success and profitability. Then, we streamline the process by connecting you and your clients with vetted partners in property management, mortgage and finance, and title and closing.

We know that your business is unique and we will work hard to create individually customized and results-driven sales plans that make the most of marketing channels including:

  • Print: Sophisticated, eye-catching ads in publications to your target demographic including Nashville Lifestyles, Luxury Home Magazine, nFocus Magazine and The Tennessean.
  • Digital Media: Keep your business top of mind for an audience of millions through customized websites and ads, social media management, syndicated web listings, and a robust email database.
  • Events: Time to get creative and outside of the box. We make your development stand out beyond the rest through different events such as partnering as the Official Real Estate Partner with the Nashville Soccer Club. Your development will be seen by thousands of seasoned professionals and ticket holders.
  • Signage: On-site, builder-focused advertising is clean, cost-effective, consistently designed and strategically placed and for an overall great impression that promotes your brand.
  • Professional Imagery: High Resolution photography and videography bring your products to life, with services such as drone footage or creating 3-D tours, we can bring high levels of creativity and quality to your properties.

Data & Reporting

Your success hinges on the numbers — and we're really good at numbers. Tracking metrics throughout a project's life cycle is the only way for your business to remain continuously in sync with market trends and target demographics. We will provide you with the insightful and actionable data you need to succeed, including the right product, best land positions, most profitable price points, and floor plans and features that sell. Our reporting tools include:

  • Competitor Analysis: We know the competition, and we shop your competition. We then pass that insider information along to you, giving you an edge over other builders and empowering you to educatedly grow your business.
  • Market Studies: We constantly monitor and analyze real estate performance throughout the Nashville area. We also provide detailed comps to help you achieve maximum profit margin and absorption.
  • Traffic Reports: Tracking weekly activity on your properties, monitoring prospective clients throughout the sales cycle, and evaluating their feedback allows you to make the most of your marketing dollars.
  • Homebuyer Surveys: Projects that involve a model home can tap into information directly from prospective buyers and agents. Responses can reveal meaningful trends that allow you to adjust your strategy if needed.

Product Development & Consulting

Keeping up with today's fast-paced and ever-evolving market isn't easy. But we have answers, through insider knowledge, market expertise, continual training and tons of research. We us those insights to improve your financial outlook.

Product Assessment

Market analysis is the foundation of success, and we routinely deliver it to assist you with forecasting and capitalizing on trends:

  • Understand what's selling, who's buying and where
  • Assess your current floor plan catalog for target market strength
  • Identify standard features that stand out or ensure competitiveness
  • Compare pricing model to the competition's for potential margin gain
  • Pinpoint target demographics, market gaps and opportunities for new product development

Branding & Promotional Support

The strength of your brand improves your value and your bottom line. We understand the importance of creative branding and can help you put your marketing dollars to work in the smartest way possible. We skillfully enable you to:

  • Craft and deliver your message, clearly and concisely
  • Build a positive brand image and loyalty
  • Emotionally connect with your target audience
  • Motivate homebuyers to close the deal