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Turning Your Home Into an Entertainer’s Dream


Turning Your Home Into an Entertainer’s Dream

If you love to entertain or have visions of entertaining in your dream home, it’s essential that your home allows you to welcome large groups comfortably. Whether you’re searching for a new home, or plan to renovate your current space, the following 14 features will help you turn your home into an entertainer’s dream!

1.) Driveway Parking

If you’re planning to have more than a few friends over at a time, parking will quickly become an issue. In order to maintain peace with your neighbors, your guests must avoid illegal and inconsiderate parking strategies.

Ideally, an entertainer’s home will have a long drive that accommodates 6 cars or more. Alternatively, a home located on a wide street, or near a wide lane, can work nicely.

2.) Foyer Coat and Bag Storage

Whether you have a dedicated closet or decide to install a sturdy, attractive coat station, it’s good to offer your guests a place to stash their bags and coats upon entry to your home. Avoid piling items on a bed, since both bags and coats can be damaged by such arrangements.

3.) An Open Concept Kitchen

Naturally, you’ll want to encourage your guests to mingle as they nosh, and you’ll want to socialize as you cook for dinner guests. An open concept kitchen serves both purposes, which is why this feature has become ubiquitous in entertainment-focused homes. 

4.) Large Kitchen Island with Seating

Keep your guests out from under your feet, yet still close by, with a massive kitchen island complete with comfy seating. This arrangement will maximize the number of people who can socialize in the kitchen without relegating guests to the formality of a large dining table.

Additionally, a kitchen island will give you the option of setting a large, formal dining table in another room while your guests enjoy appetizers. This approach is popular on holidays, during birthday parties, and at elaborate dinner parties.

5.) Built-In Kitchen Storage 

A wealth of kitchen storage is always a coveted home feature but entertaining makes extra storage essential. You’ll want extra space to stash party platters, punch bowls, and additional place settings between parties, yet it will be convenient to have these items close at hand when it’s time to get ready for your guests, so plan for at least 30% more storage space than you plan to use on a day-to-day basis.

6.) Wet Bar

Nothing says “party” like an elegant wet bar with all the accouterments. However, if the home you fall in love with (or currently own) doesn’t have a wet bar, it’s fairly simple to install one, provided there is space in a convenient spot. 

It’s okay to think outside the box, as well! Look for nooks under staircases, or a wall closet for conversion, for example. A wet bar doesn’t have to take up much space; the luxury comes from the caliber of drawers, cabinets, shelving, and of course, the wine and liquor you provide.

7.) Main Floor Powder Room

If your home has multiple levels, you likely want guests to remain on the main level during parties. While it isn’t necessary to have a full bathroom downstairs, having a beautifully appointed powder room (also known as a half bath) will go a long way toward keeping everyone from wandering.

8.) Beautiful Lighting

Even the most stunning entertainment spaces can be dragged down by ugly lighting. Conversely, a more modestly appointed home can literally glow under strategic custom lighting fixtures and bulbs. The goal is to softly and uniformly light your space, eliminating dark corners, harsh shadows, and bright spots of harsh lighting.

If you aren’t a lighting expert, it’s worth recruiting a skilled friend or hiring a professional to help you design the perfect lighting for your home’s entertainment spaces.

9.) Entertainment Room with Surround Sound

If you have space, consider setting up a dedicated entertainment room complete with surround sound and luxurious seating. This layout choice is perfect for sports events, television show “watch” parties, and delivering the home theater experience without saturating the rest of the home with extra noise and the bright lights from the screen.

10.) Covered or Enclosed Porch

If you want to instantly make your entertainment space much larger, adding a covered or enclosed porch is a great option. Giving your guests the choice of mingling outside will enhance their experience of your home without drawing attention to a less-than-massive interior.

11.) Fire Pit

Nothing encourages lingering outside like a roaring fire pit with comfortable outdoor seating. Offer shatterproof cups, keep a steady rotation of snacks coming, play some soft music, and enjoy seeing your guests relax!

12.) Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to grill, go all out with an outdoor kitchen. Having a sink, small fridge, grill, and stovetop outside will allow you to enjoy being outdoors with your guests and will help keep the bulk of the cooking mess outside. 

13.) Dedicated Party Storage 

Having a storage space large enough to stash furniture in goes a long way when it’s time to make space for your guests. Additionally, you’ll likely enjoy having a place to store folding furniture and seasonal décor! A spacious backyard shed can work beautifully for this purpose, so don’t be too discouraged if a home is otherwise perfect but falls a bit short on storage.

14.) A Cozy Guest Room

If at all feasible, set up a cozy guest room—even a small one—for guests who will be traveling from out of town, or cannot travel home safely after festivities. While a comfy couch can also work for this purpose, your couch will see less wear and tear, and your guests will be less likely to feel as though they’ve put you out, if you have a guest room prepared from the get-go.

Entertainment is highly personal, and like other aspects of home arrangement, it will always be more an intuitive endeavor than a hard science. We encourage you to add or eliminate items from our list of suggestions as you like; what matters most is your enjoyment of your home.

Thank you for visiting Parks. We hope your summer and holiday seasons are packed with food, friends, and family. Happy entertaining!