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Fall Home Must-Haves


Fall Home Must-Haves

Fall has returned to Tennessee and we are counting down the days until the trees burst into fiery hues of red, orange, and yellow. Local farms are stocked with apples, carrots, corn, squash, and pumpkin, and our many fall festivals are just around the corner. 

Check out some of my favorites from our recommended fall home must-haves. Happy autumn, and happy decorating! 

1. Set the Seasonal Tone with Colorful Throw Pillows

One of the simplest ways to embrace a shift in the seasons is by changing up your throw pillows. Whether you decide to go with pumpkins or a subtler take—say, autumnal tones in rich textures—you’ll get hooked on how easy it is to change up your living room with a quick change of pillows.

If your couch is stocked up on high-quality throw pillows, consider changing out the covers with the seasons! Not only does this option mean you won’t have to shop for new pillows, but you’ll also find it easier to store pillowcases than whole sets of throw pillows.

2. Cozy Up Your Home with Throws and Blankets

Are you craving even more warmth and texture for your couch? Nothing makes a couch more inviting than a soft, thick throw or blanket. Your guests will want to linger in your home, especially as the air grows chillier by the week. 

Knits are a traditional option, but they can be tough to keep looking their best if you’ve got cats, dogs, or small children. Fortunately, synthetic fabrics are better than they’ve ever been; choose thick plush or faux fur options for maximum easy-care luxury!

3. Break Out Your Wax Warmers and Candles

Send your favorite fall scents wafting through your home with wax warmers and candles! Apple, pumpkin, pear, ginger, and bourbon vanilla are popular options – and can be layered together effortlessly throughout your home to create delicious, custom aromas.

If you have pets, small children, or are sensitive to strong scents, electric candles will create a cozy glow safely! Today’s electric candles are so convincing, guests won’t give them a second thought. Even better, they can be reused for years, and don’t make a drippy mess like traditional candles often do.

4. Set Up Seasonal Soaps and Hand Towels

Delicious fall-scented soaps and seasonal hand towels are the best way to create an autumnal atmosphere in your guest bathroom. Whether your guests are staying for the afternoon or several days, they’re sure to enjoy these thoughtful touches.

5. Beat Back the Gloom with Warm Lighting

While we’re lucky to have more daylight here than they have up north, we do see a bit less as winter approaches. If you tend to miss the sun-drenched summer days, switch up your home’s lighting. 

You can opt for bulbs that create a sun-like glow or create a cozy atmosphere by installing warm-hued LEDs. Either way, it’s good to have light emanating from several sources in each space; the resulting diffuse glow will cheer you and your loved ones throughout the coming gloom.

6. Fall for a New Doormat

Express your love for fall by laying down a seasonally themed doormat! From the moment visitors arrive, they’ll know you love this season of bounty and thankful hearts. 

7. Decorate with Fall Flowers

 Enhance your home’s seasonal palette with mums, canna, celosia, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, marigold, and dahlias—all of which are available in colors that harmonize perfectly together.

8. Hang Autumn Wreaths and Garlands

Autumnal foliage, whether synthetic or purchased at a local farm, is a gorgeous addition to your home’s indoor or outdoor décor. After all, the natural splendor of the season is exactly what makes this such a magical time.

9. Pumpkins and Gourds and Corn, oh my!

You knew this was coming, right? With the impressive produce grown right here in Tennessee, you’ve just got to create a pretty display of pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks. If you’re really feeling festive, a little scarecrow and a hay bale or two make charming additions, too!

10. Splurge on a Pressure Cooker

As much as you might love to spend leisurely evenings stirring savory soups and stews throughout fall, you’re likely far too busy to make it a regular thing. Enter the modern pressure cooker! You can whip up rich soups and stews in less than 40 minutes, prep included! They’ll taste just as great as their more labor-intensive counterparts while preserving far more nutrients.

11. Prepare Pumpkin Pie Now—and Freeze It!

You’re going to attend social gatherings this year—at work, at church, with your friends and family—and you’ll often want to bring something delicious to contribute.

If you’re concerned about having something homemade ready on short notice, we recommend pumpkin pie. It freezes well thanks to the high-fat content in the crust, and the stable custard-based pumpkin filling. Follow the steps laid out here to ensure that your pie thaws perfectly—nothing ruins a pie quite like a soggy crust, after all.

As fall brings the first hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we hope you are able to create a soothing, inspiring atmosphere within your home! When you enter, take a moment to bask in the beauty and charm of your own handiwork. Before you leave, turn back, and let your heart fill with gratitude for the beauty to which you’ll soon return.